Memorial Day Message

Memorial Day Message


As of this writing, veterans and service members are being diagnosed with and have died from COVID-19, and the number is increasing daily. The pandemic has caused all the military and VA medical facilities to assess their operation and make changes that restrict patient visitors and how the Fisher Houses are used in this crisis. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, patient families are no longer being allowed to visit patients in our VA hospital, and our Navy hospital patient visits are severely limited for fear of spreading the disease in both directions.

Our VA Fisher House has, however, been opened to healthcare workers who are spending long and arduous hours in the care of their patients. This way they can stay on campus, dispensing with long commutes to and from home during the time of this crisis, and also protecting their families from the possibility of infection.

We are also taking this time to make some upgrades to the facilities under our supervision, such as new water treatment and landscaping improvements to our Long Beach, Camp Pendleton and San Diego Houses.

All of which we can do because of your generous support of our Fisher Houses.

As Memorial Day approaches, I am writing to you in the hope that we can count on your generous support once again, especially during this unprecedented and extraordinary time. Your support of our Fisher Houses at this time help us provide essential respite for our healthcare workers – doctors, nurses, respiratory techs and their support staff — who are serving on the front line of our ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can we count on your support?


We send to you and your family our earnest wishes for your safety and well-being during this very uncertain time. Your help of our families at Fisher House has not gone unnoticed, and all of us – our families, our healthcare workers and our board members – wish you and your family the very best. Stay safe, and thank you again for your wonderful support of Fisher House!


Steven T. Kuykendall, President/CEO and
The Board of Directors of
Fisher House Southern California, Inc.


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