In my seven years in uniform as a Marine fighting for our country in Vietnam, ten years in public service as City Councilman, Mayor, California State Assemblyman and US Congressman representing the same values, one day stands out above all others. Eighteen years ago on September 11, 2001, I remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing. That day our country changed forever.

That day we redoubled our commitment to our military, our veterans and our country. My life’s work has been in service to that commitment. That’s why I have redoubled my efforts toward veterans and their families through my service to Fisher House Southern California, Inc.

At our southern California Fisher Houses I have seen thousands of military families in Long Beach and San Diego receive a home away from home while a loved one receives life-saving care in one of our VA and Navy hospitals. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to see parents, husbands, wives, children, grandparents even, come together as a family in one of our Fisher Houses as they support the recovery of their service member. All free of charge. I have also seen the look on their faces as members of our community have helped them celebrate holidays, birthdays and other special occasions just like they would at home.

That’s why I support Fisher House Southern California, Inc. and hope you will join me. With your gifts of time and talent, and especially your financial support, we can continue to build support systems for our veteran families here in Southern California. At this special time of the year, we thank and remember our veterans for their service in both word and deed. Together, by making a gift to Fisher House Southern California, we create a fabric that supports our military and celebrates our veterans. Join me, won’t you?

I am honored to tell you our Houses are running near capacity, serving thousands of families every year. Please take this opportunity to speak out and spread the word, and to make a meaningful gift. Your gift of $50, $100, $500, $1000 — or an amount of your choice — will make a positive impact on the lives of our military and veteran families.

I have seen the incredible difference a Fisher House can make, and it is your generosity that makes that possible. On behalf of the many families we serve, I send you our thanks and our best wishes.


Steven T. Kuykendall
President/CEO – Fisher House Southern California

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